Battlefield bad company 2 online stats not updating

Posted by / 31-Jan-2018 18:52

Battlefield bad company 2 online stats not updating

I've noticed too the Servers seems to be down at odd hours of the day. Noticed when it happens Need For Speed Hot Pursuit cannot connect to EA servers either.

Whatever I try it's been showing me "Failed to connect to EA online" for weeks now. I can't enter the store so I can't check for any updates. (1.7gb) If you were able to get the base game through Live, then you need to go to the store and download the Vietnam extension. That download fixes MP and you will be able to find some servers. When they don't work they don't work across the board with several games.

It would be nice to see some structure to the Armies, however this might be over complicating things.

Otherwise, trim the quoted passages down as much as you can. And if so, can you like continue from your earned points from bf2 into bf3?

Thank you again for your understanding and your patience.

Initial: We received reports that the statistics of some players have been reset to 0.

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It seems that the update queue is stuck again and seems to affect all platforms, not only PS3.