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Brittany murphy mother dating husband

He held us literally hostage and we were forced to settle with him as he held our production over a barrel." Monjack denied these claims.In January 2010, Monjack's mother, Linda Monjack, told People that her son was "unwell, and the doctors are carrying out tests.The late actress, who died in December, allegedly secured a prescription for 120 hydrocodone pills 11 days before her death. According to Brittany Murphy's recently-released autopsy, "multiple medications were present in the blood, with elevated levels of hydrocodone, acetaminophen, and chlorpheniramine."Because these were prescription drugs, not illegal ones, attention-loving husband Simon Monjack says the report vindicates him. especially when she's the one who got the long end of the last-will-and-testament stick? After all, what grieving husband doesn't continue to live and make life plans with his mother-in-law... Coroner's Office just released their report on Simon Monjack's death, and within it is revealed a shocking truth: At the time of his passing, Simon Monjack was sharing a bed with Sharon Murphy, aka his dead wife Brittany Murphy's mother. But then again, don't think that we didn't have our suspicions.Both deaths were attributed to pneumonia and drug use.The late Brittany Murphy's husband, Simon Monjack, was shrouded in mystery and suspicion from the moment they wed in 2007 until his own death this year.

Paramedics arrived; Monjack was pronounced dead at pm.And while left unnamed in the coroner's report, law enforcement "sources" have since identified the deceased's mother-in-law as the person whose identity has been withheld.According to the report, the investigator and the unnamed person (Sharon) were going through the master bedroom in the Hollywood Hills home that Simon shared with Brittany ...“I don’t know why anyone would think that,” he said. Was Brittany Murphy's husband sleeping with her mom - literally, not in the sexual sense - after she died? Murphy passed away in December, and Simon Monjack, her husband, died a few months later.

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