Dating agency on radio 2 j vine programme

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Dating agency on radio 2 j vine programme

Ace of Base’s All That She Wants is playing in the studio, as Chris Rea records a session on a grand piano that was donated by Elton John.The staff, though, seem most excited by the imminent arrival of two ponies (no, not a euphemism) for a segment on Jeremy Vine’s show. In his first newspaper interview since becoming the station’s head, the 59-year-old tells me there is no ordinary day at Radio 2: “You could start with the Duchess of Cornwall and end with a Spice Girl.” Carnie, an affable Scot with a husky voice who has worked at Radio 2 for 17 years, has taken over a thriving station. The station just turned 50 and Tony Blackburn recreated his show from its first morning.They’re paid in line or higher than many of the male presenters .” He continues: “Revealing everybody’s pay is one of the most unhelpful things that has ever happened. Because there’s no gender pay issue here at all, it really hasn’t helped us. With the exception of Chris Evans, who has an extraordinary market value because other people are after him, everyone else is kind of really in line.” Carnie has opened the door to the Evans question, so is the breakfast presenter really still worth that much money (more than £2.2 million)? But the fact that we can make this programme about ourselves is good. No other organisation in the world would probably even think of doing that.“As someone who brings nearly 10 million listeners a week, yeah. There’s no way that it would be commissioned at Sky.” Carnie is proud of how diverse Radio 2’s output is — “no one covers more music genres than we do” — and picks out Jamie Cullum’s programme on jazz, Strictly judge Bruno Tonioli’s exploration of opera and Elaine Paige on musical theatre as highlights.Did the survey question ask people about the phrase ‘social action’? More than 25% of Radio 1’s audience is NOT ‘young teenagers’ therefore for 25% of those surveyed to ‘associate the station with programming for young teenagers’ is not surprising.Or to put it another way: more than two thirds of Radio 1’s ‘older’ audience (35-44) acknowledge that the station is NOT aimed at them.Are we told what percentage of people think that Magic and Heart are taste-making? While I get the tour of Radio 2, Michael Fassbender heads up the stairs.

Politicians in the last few years have found out: come and talk to our audience because you can persuade them to come over to your side.” The station’s presenter roster includes five of the nine highest-paid BBC stars (Chris Evans, Graham Norton, Jeremy Vine, Steve Wright and Claudia Winkleman), according to figures released in July.“In our case at Radio 2, there is no gender pay gap. And the idea that gender in any way would reflect what anyone is paid here at Radio 2 is ludicrous."We couldn’t care what anybody is — gender, sexuality or ethnic origin — it’s totally irrelevant.Especially because presumably the remaining 54% think it’s ‘different’ or ‘very different’.Whatever the breakdown within that 46%, the MAJORITY of those surveyed actually think Radio 1 is MORE than ‘slightly different’ to Capital FM. And surely only a small percentage of Radio 1’s output is ‘social action’, therefore if 6% of listeners know about it that doesn’t sound too bad.

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Some things we commission don’t work but the majority do.” Among the surprise hits has been the duo of Alan Carr and Melanie Sykes, who have stood in for Graham Norton. Alan always had a sidekick and there was one week when he didn’t and we couldn’t get anyone to cover.