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Dating rur

You will be able to see Moscow’s nightlife with bars, clubs and restaurants.

You will not miss the famous sites either with haunting views of Red Square as well as the architecture of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and the Peter the Great Monument.

You will be taken along the vibrant lit streets with several photo opportunities along the way.

Experience the nighttime atmosphere in the historic city centre and see the beautiful architecture from the famous Sparrow Hills, offering astonishing panoramic views.

Prices for the tours stated below are valid for the groups of 15 and more participants.

All prices are subject to change due to reduction in the number of participants.

Stroll around the territory of the Kremlin and appreciate its fantastic sights such as the Assumption Cathedral which held the ceremonies of Tsars and Emperors as well as the symbolic Ivan the Great Bell Tower.

Sail down the ancient transport route of the Moskva River and get away from the streets of the city.Decision on dividend payment A decision on dividend payment on traded shares is made at the AGM based on the Supervisory Board's recommendation.Dividend payment policy Changes to the Law on Joint Stock Companies made on 1 January 2014 altered the method of dividend payments.Occupying a beautifully old building from the middle of the 19th Century, this treasury offers you a glimpse of the glories and heroism of Russia’s past, whilst you can leisurely appreciate the sights on foot.ORDER THE TOUR Visit the beautiful sites of Moscow with this fully guided tour of the city.

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Full of sights and culture, this tour is the perfect way to see all the wonders of the city of Moscow.

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