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I am very appreciative of how many former clients, players and coaches reciprocate and check in with me to do the same. Player to Coach Relationship How many times have you heard a player use their coach as a scapegoat for why they aren’t successful?“I would play more, but the coach doesn’t like me” or “My coach is an idiot.Do you know what kind of music your players listen to? And while I will reiterate, it is not the coach’s job to be friends with his players nor try to emulate them in how they dress or speak, but a coach should make every attempt to be likeable and show that he cares.

Do you listen with your eyes and your ears when the coach is speaking at practice or team meetings? Do you know much about your coach outside of basketball? Trust me; it will go a long way and ultimately, will help you in the end.And if you feel as though your coach is unapproachable, or you are really in the dog house, is there an assistant coach you can speak with to help mediate things?If you currently have a great relationship with your coach, congratulations!And I welcome and look forward to many more to come!Like most coaches, I enjoy watching the players I work with progress through high school and go off to college.

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While there are numerous relationships that directly affect and impact basketball players and coaches, this article will focus more specifically on their relationship with each other.

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