Disabiled dating

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Disabiled dating

Here are a few tips on how to bring your disability into the conversation: Keep your descriptions of your disability comfortable and lighthearted.

Mention it as a part of yourself but not some overwhelming factor, and even leave open the opportunity for them to connect over it if they’d like to.

First off, we need to be honest and mention our disability.Let’s face it, dating is tricky for people with disabilities.The stigma of disability causes many to not recognize us as potential partners, says we aren’t sexy, or paints us as just too high needs to be with.I personally use two dating apps, Ok Cupid and Tinder, and mentioning my disability is tricky on both.Here are some things that I’ve tried, and what’s worked out well in my world so far.

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Disability can be a bit uncomfortable for some people (which is stupid, I know), so getting it out in the open can be disarming in a good way. Your profile is just a few photos and a 500-character description, so it’s tough to mention disability while still covering other bases.

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