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And sometimes explicit sexual talk is considered more offensive than are certain activities involving physical contact, such as kissing and hugging.

Consider the following description: "Flirting is more than ‘Hi, ya wanna? It's playing cat & mouse with each other, and enjoying it." When people enjoy flirting for its own sake, it can be commendable.

During flirting, each partner's soul is stirred, thereby enabling the two souls to respond to each other.

Miss Etiquette indicates that the meaning of flirting is to be playfully romantic; to speak or act in a playful or flirting way; or to toy with.

Flirting may involve gentle physical contact, but often does not involve sexual intercourse.

Flirting may develop into a sexual relationship, but then it stops being flirting in the sense discussed here.

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Quite often, it is the best available alternative to—rather than means of reaching—intercourse.

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