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The vehicle's driver might also be from the law enforcement or military pool; the driver of the United States Presidential State Car is an experienced agent from the Secret Service, Russian President's driver is a ranking officer of the Federal Protective Service, and the British Prime Minister is driven by a Specialist Protection officer from the Metropolitan Police Service.For state visits and international conferences, the host country usually supplies the ground transportation and security personnel.The Prime Ministerial vehicle is also escorted by police vehicles from state and federal authorities.The Prime Minister's car bears the number plate "C1" (meaning "Commonwealth 1") and a centrally mounted Australian flag.Members of the British Royal Family are driven in Jaguars, though other makes may be used in other Commonwealth realms.

Due to the high security risk for the passengers, these vehicles are often heavily secured and protected.

For the inauguration a Mercedes-Benz 600 Landaulette was used.

All royal family members drive cars with only numbers.

In 2013, BMW was selected to provide a fleet of 7 Series High Security vehicles as part of a tender to replace the ageing armoured Holden Caprice fleet that formerly transported the Australian Prime Minister.

The off-the-shelf replacements offer greater protection and better value for money.

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For countries without major indigenous manufacturers, an official state car may be purchased from a suitable manufacturer in a nation with strong economic and diplomatic ties.

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