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History of calendar dating

Because a Roman magistrate's term of office corresponded with a calendar year, the power of intercalation was prone to abuse: the priests could lengthen a year in order to keep an ally in office, or shorten it when an opponent was in power.Also, since intercalations were often determined so close to their announcement, the average Roman citizen often did not know the date, particularly if they were some distance from the capital.The Roman calendar was based on an older lunar calendar.The first day of each month, or the “Kalends,” occurred on new moons.The beginning of the year (and the starting of the calendar) signaled that farmers should trellis vines, prune trees, and sow spring wheat.This was the time that workers could expect equal parts night and day.First we must put to rest this notion that Julius Caesar ruined the calendar.By the time of the Caesars, the year already had 12 months, and Julius actually changed an incredibly broken and bureaucratic system.

Like many civilizations, the Romans transitioned away from a lunar calendar to one that better reflected the seasons: a solar calendar. C., the original calendar (said to be of Romulus himself) looked like this: This made a calendar year of 304 days.New Years was celebrated on the first new moon before the spring equinox.The “Ides of March”, now observed on March 15, was originally the first full moon of the New Year.These problems became particularly acute in the years leading up to the Julian reform when there were only five intercalary years and there should have been eight.This time was known as “the years of confusion.” Julius had spent the years 48-46 B. in Egypt, where he became aware of Egypt’s fixed-length 365-day calendar.

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As before, the remaining (now roughly 60) winter days were not considered part of the calendar.

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