Marriage courtship and dating paul derkson reasons why men choose online dating

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Marriage courtship and dating paul derkson

Either outcome is okay — remember the purpose of a courtship is to discern whether or not you are called to marriage.

Your courtship may lead you to discerning marriage. By that I mean, take time to actually pray for guidance and wisdom in this matter.

(This can be in words or by actions — or both, as you see fit.) A woman needs to feel cherished — not just as a friend, but as your one and only love — if she is going to make the decision to commit her life to you in marriage.

Set guidelines in your relationship from the very start to keep your physical intimacy in check.

You've got a beautiful, pure and holy relationship.

Don't allow the temptation of physical intimacy to spoil what you've worked so hard to achieve these past five years!

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