My ex girlfriend is dating another guy vba screenupdating calculation

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My ex girlfriend is dating another guy

I've been told of workplace rumors about myself that were not only ridiculous, they were been spread by people I had never even spoken to!

Of course, none of them bothered to ask ME if the rumors were true.

So within 1 year and a month we'd been from extremely happy right down to the other end of the scale and by the time she finished me she was happy deep down to get out of it although she told me in the next few weeks after nc that she missed me lots!

Well i recently found out that she's met another guy a couple of times and has had sex with him already, and from a mutual friend she's meeting him again next week.

It does sound like she moved on a while ago if she was practicing how to break up with you earlier. This just happened to me and It literally crushed me.

Called me with her on the phone and talks about how he's going to continue to sleep with her. Emotionally they have moved on and WE NEED TO DO THE SAME!!!Just hurts so much coming out of a year and a month relationship that had so many perfect times that she can have sex and see some guy only a a month and a half out of the relationship. If I found out she was with someone else three weeks after we broke up, I would flip out and I doubt I would ever consider taking her back.Our breakup was different in that she wanted to be single and focus on school since we were long distance, but all the same, I think people need to respect one another after a breakup and not immediately jump into bed with someone else, especially if the dust hasn't settled. but the reason she gave me for ending it was that i had changed and was no longer the person she fell in love with.This mutual friend also said that she is going to tell him that she isn't looking for anything serious.What i want to know what everyone thinks is, is it worth my time to try and get her back?

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If she broke up with you, it sounds like she did it just so she could have sex with other guys. even if i was a massive fool at the end of the relationship and just constantly made her unhappy?

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  1. A friend of his had originally suggested he got in touch and put himself forward to be Mr 52, and fast forward a month or so and the prospect of me actually hopping on a plane and popping over to Denmark became very real indeed.