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It’s like – I just met you, I hardly know you and I’m definitely not your babe! She then told me that one time, a guy mass text something like “Hey sweetie. ” and she saw that there were other girls on the text. If he seems like a genuine guy, then it’s probably coming from a good place. “Why is it that women cry and complain about how bad men are and how wrong they are treated by them. The minute they find a good man, who is good to them and treats them right and gives them the respect they deserve, they become uninterested. I’ve met plenty of nice guys, guys who look good on paper, guys that have their shit together–but there’s just no chemistry. Another possible explanation is their dating record. I’ve had guys admit to me that they’ll call women those names (babe, sweetheart, cutie…etc) because they can’t remember their name! I’m not saying that’s why this guy did it, but regardless, you kinda sound like a douche. When I initially got your question, I was with a girlfriend of mine and talked to her about it. But you can also just tell by the type of guy he is. *shrugs* I think it kinda goes hand-in-hand with the post I put up yesterday about men loving bitches. There’s also the possibility that they’re just not into you, not because you’re a nice guy, but there’s no attraction. But in all reality, it could be something they call all girls and it means absolutely nothing! Or are they sending out a mass text telling a bunch of girls ‘good night babe’? I wonder sometimes if it is all just a game they play or if it is just the attention at that moment that they seek out. So when a nice guy comes along, we almost don’t know how to handle it because that’s not what we’re used to. Maybe being with someone that they’d actually be afraid of losing freaks them out. So I’m going to start sending you things that drive me crazy about dating lol Maybe you should touch on guys calling girls ‘babe.’ I understand when you’re in a relationship with someone and they call you ‘babe’ because it’s kind of like a pet name. Then there are guys that you’ve maybe gone out with a few times, you like them, and they start calling you babe (especially in texts)…it’s hard not to read into it and hope that it means they’re into you. When you’re in a relationship it’s totally different. It seems like they want/need the jerks in their life. I don’t think any woman goes out searching for an asshole, but do we date them? Some of us have dated huge assholes that have fucked us up and torn our self esteem to the core.The aim of the event is to find forever homes for a number of pets that have previously been displaced.

Sometimes when guys ask me what I do, I give a very vague answer, not because I’m ashamed (not in the least! If you end up with a guy that just loves you dearly, you love him for that, and in turn, you care for him.

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I understand that when you like a guy and he uses names like that it turns from douchey to ‘OMG say it again,’ lol. Unless you guys are getting serious, pet names just seem weird. But at the same time, girls that act that way usually aren’t ready for a relationship, because if they were, they’d settle down.

I come across this problem quite often, as I believe that chivalry is not dead and there are still some of us good guys left, but we are taken for granted. There’s no black or white answer to this, but I would hope this doesn’t make you want to turn into a jerk. Let me first say I recently came across your blog and I’m obsessed.

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Keep being the good guy and a good girl will come by and appreciate it more than you know. Yesterday I read ‘Independence & Intimidation’ I absolutely loved the story….I feel like this story is soooooo me.

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