Seperated dating sex dating in mount jewett pennsylvania

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Seperated dating

BTW, this topic has more than likely been posted on here before but I just can't find it. People getting the wrong idea about where the relationship is heading, confusion, etc. But, if you're trying to reconcile, it makes a lot of sense. Well, it would be nice to talk about it, but that's not the path I took.

C ^ PB, I have no doubt the divorce would be a lot nastier if your wife caught wind that you'r seeing someone and esp so soon after your separation. No matter how good things are going in the separation, there's a strong likelyhood of baggage to deal with.And she commented on how miserable I was in that time, and how now I've got my smile back, the sparkle in my eye, etc. Part of that is getting out of a bad marriage, and part of it is the way my partner/lover/whatever makes me feel. We're both trying to be realistic about our situations. I thought the reason for separation was to see if there a chance to reconcile, otherwise, why do it, why not just divorce straight away?We know that we're both in rebound relationships, after long marriages. Oh, and I do suspect that if my wife found out I was seeing someone, our separation would turn from amicable to something considerably less than friendly. I am so new to this (or I am naive about trust and love) that I don't see the difference between separation and divorce if the intent of one party is never to go back.And as she says, that's very likely a big reason why our opinions differ.I didn't expect to start dating as quickly after my separation, even though I guess I was looking for something.

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The ony way I ever see it works is if you and your spouse have openly discussed it's acceptable to date other people during the time of separation. It creates a lot of problems, a lot of drama, confusion, and while going through a separation it's bad news. Your head is still dealing with the fall out of one of the most improtant relationships in your life. As far as going w/ the separated spouse--have at it. I started casually dating someone about a month after separating...

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