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The images that Lynch manages to produce are not only disturbing, but have a way of being oddly beautiful.

This juxtaposition makes for some memorable images and till this day if you even mention lady in the radiator to Eraserhead fans they cringe at the thought.

Eventually we developed extreme ways to entertain ourselves a la gladiators.

Humans have found many sadistic ways to not only entertain ourselves, but challenge us as well.

Although it is not entirely found footage the scenes that utilize it are horrific.

Now as mentioned previously your choices for disturbing cinema may not grace our list, but that’s why we encourage you to get involved.

Let us know what you think of these films or shout out some extreme cinema you may have come across.

These are just the choices that have seared their images in our brains and till this day haunts our minds… First up: 10) “ERASERHEAD” (1977) Written and Directed in 1977 by David Lynch this movie follows Henry Spencer (Jack Nance) as he travels through an industrialized wasteland and meets some eerie characters along the way.

Be warned a lot of what you are about to read features minor spoilers in order to entice or repulse. Now these are all ranked with 10 being the least disturbing and 1 being the most. The film plays out like an acid trip in 16mm black and white.

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The story follows Shigeharu Aoyama (Ryo Ishibashi), a middle-aged widower, who finally begins to make his way back into the dating scene after losing his wife almost seven years prior.

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