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Updating quicken icon

But what if you leave your bank or switch to another brokerage? That includes hiring more consumer service representatives in the U. Even Windows 10 has extended and evolved the idea of what a PC is - as the same apps designed to run in Windows 10 can also run on phones, tablets and even the TV.

Quicken needs to keep up by:* Refreshing the interface.

While Quicken 2016 isn't exactly going to win over converts, it's what happens with the software next that matters.

The product continues to fill a gap for investors and anyone interested in managing their own money to a great level of control - without hiring human help.

Intuit is shifting its focus to online financial services and tax preparation and has put Quicken up for sale.

Intuit is betting on its cloud-based service and apps - which are free to use - but make money in part by pitching credit cards and other services to users. It's easy to write off Quicken as a dead product of a bygone age of desktop software. Quicken stands at the crossroads of a new age of technology - where it could play a vital role.

Quicken requires you to know where to look.* Expanding availability on devices.

Quicken's biggest drawback is that it's tied to a single PC.

That means you don't have to worry about the service getting hacked and your data being compromised - or if the service will just close one day leaving your data hostage.

The question is can Quicken be turned into software that is again a must-buy.

It's doable, but requires the software to be reinvented as much as the PC itself - the device on which Quicken flourished - has.

Windows 10 supports "universal apps" that not only run on the desktop but the same code runs on phones and tablets.

Why Quicken - which is still mostly used on the PC - doesn't support Windows 10 is a real head-scratcher.* Updating the business model.

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