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Whether you read this post or not, I just want to sat "thank You!I think he can sing anything but the fact that he loves R&B and Hip Hop is a plus for me.Instead, she saw herself as “an ugly woman.”“I never had bad feelings about it, I just felt that maybe I was that one girl,” Rain said.“It wasn’t until I was wilderness firefighter for a while and that’s when I felt more empowered in my ambiguity and sexuality as far as gender presentation goes.”People frequently assume Rain is male, and she doesn’t correct them.I wish, someday, Rain and Oh Yeon Seo will have another funny drama together. You have achieved so much at such a young age and still going forward with what you do best, I hope that young people (artists) now a days would look up to you as an example. He has perfect stage charisma and I love that about him. May both of you have beautiful, smart, God fearing, loving and charming kiddos. You were a great influence to me for appreciating kdramas and kpop. Jung Ji Hoon I've watched all your dramas I'm a big fan since Full House. The Best Korean Actor/Singer/Dancer/Performer ever!! Iloveyou Big Rain is my all around favorite performer.She wears boxers but she’s not opposed to putting on a skirt.“Depending on if I’m having a commercial male day or female day,” Rain said.“I’ll wear a vest that shows off that I have breasts, or I will wear a baggy men’s shirt so I can blend in with the male crowd.”Rain seems to prefer more menswear styles off the runway, but is often called to do womenswear, too.“Womenswear is harder for me emotionally,” Rain said.

For the record, 40-year-old A-Rod has reportedly made 2 million playing baseball.

42-year-old Anne (who runs a medical research company) reportedly raked in several billion dollars when she finalized her divorce from Brin in 2015.

He is a perfectness of mankind, I have watched Come Back Mister and I enjoyed to see him so much. Please take care of KTH and take care of her beautiful smile. You made me fall in love with your acting in "Full House" and up to this moment, You are still my first love in the Korean Entertainment World. You're such a versatile actor and a very athletic man. I love watching him on stage, in dramas and movies.

Rain's favorite color is pink, and she likes to keep her hair and clothes perfect, even deep in the bush.

She brings her Barbies and stuffed animals wherever the family goes.

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One of the new players is Rain Dove, a firefighter turned fashion model who has leant her image to designers like Malan Breton, Vivienne Hu, Chromat and Rochambeau at the recent Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week.

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